Strategic Planning

Kentwood Citizens Unite To Form

Strategic Plan For Kentwood

Community Pride -- Economic Development -- Quality of Life

Mayor Smith listens as citizens generate ideas for economic development.Mayor Harold Smith has seized on a project begun under Mayor Bobby Gill's administration to create a strategic plan to help Kentwood reach its full potential as one of the best communities in the Florida Parishes. Mayor Smith has assembled over thirty citizens representing a broad cross section of citizens, government, business, and service organizations. They are reviewing assessment data provided by Performance Development Plus, LLC of Metairie during the first phase of the project. That assessment, which included a good deal of input from Kentwood's residents, is helping identify critical issues that need to be addressed and the opportunities that need to be seized to help make positive change occur.

Residents discuss what can be done to demonstrate Community Pride.The strategic planning task force is creating a Vision Statement and Goals that will be supported by Objectives (programs, projects, and initiatives) to help make that vision a reality. These objectives will include measurable outcomes supported by specific completion dates. The three goal areas identified as critical issues to be addressed are Community Pride (relating to curb appeal, litter abatement, and housing and building conditions), Economic Development (the creation of more jobs, new businesses, and job and career opportunities for all citizens), and Quality of Life (the improvement of cultural and recreational opportunities for children and adults).


Task Force members give careful thought to the type recreation and cultural activities that could be created to improve the Quality of Life.Mayor Smith and the task force members hope to tap into their fellow citizens' concern and caring for each other and on their expressed desires to help make Kentwood and even better place to live, work, and raise a family. As the committee continues its work, additional citizens will be recruited to help work on the projects that will be created as part of the planning process. Once their work is completed and adopted, it will be outlined on this web site